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Become a Vendor

We have 2 Electronic Forms for Vendor's needs
1. You are interested in just learning about being a Vendor and we will contact you (applicable for merchandise and food vendors) AND
2. You are past the just interested stage and you have spoken/emailed us, received our Vendor Agreement (pdf to the right) and you are ready to Commit and Pay for the Space. (scroll down to see #2)

OR the Old School - Paper method

If you prefer to print, fill in a paper copy of these forms and email or U.S. mail it to us and to pay by check then print the Vendor Agreement PDF (to the right).

1. Interested in learning about being a Vendor

Interested in being a Vendor? (Step #1)

Contact Information

Company Information

Vendor Type:
(Select what applies)


(pick one)

Short summary of cost of service/terms?


Vendor Application and Payment Submittal (Step #2)

Contact Information

Company Information

Space Rental Options

Confirmed Interest ready to make payment

Select Vendor Space and Additional Services (Must be Vetted thru step/form #1 prior)
There is No RAIN DATE, All fees are non-refundable
Merchandise Vendor One Day 10x10 In Door Space
Merchandise Vendor One Day 10x20 In Door Space
Merchandise Vendor 2 Days 10x10 In Door Space
Merchandise Vendor Two Day 10x20 In Door Space
Food Vendor One Day 10x10 Tent Outdoor Space
Food Vendor One Day Truck/Trailer Outdoor Space
Food Vendor 2-3 Day 10x10 Tent Outdoor Space
Food Vendor 2-3 Day Truck/Trailer Outdoor Space
Vendor Single Electrical Hookup 110 30amps
Vendor Logo Listed on Website/Advertisement


If you selected advertising your LOGO, please upload it here. If you do not have it, we will email you

Agreement Acknowledgement

Revision C, Dated 8/18/2022 (Avail on Vendor page)

I understand that during my participation as a VENDOR in the Harris County Fair and Rodeo (EVENT), the Harris County Fair and Rodeo Association (SPONSOR) is the final authority in the manner of interpretation and enforcement of all rules and regulations related to the EVENT and reserves the right to accept or reject any application for exhibit space at its sole discretion.

I, the VENDOR, agree to keep, save and hold the EVENT and/or SPONSOR harmless from any and all action, liabilities, damages, judgments, costs and expenses including reasonable attorney’s fees, in the event an action is filed or does in any way accrue against the EVENT and/or SPONSOR of consequence of the Agreement or for any act, negligence or omission of the SPONSOR or the SPONSOR’S agents, employees, participants or volunteers, in relation to the event.

I agree that the EVENT and SPONSOR may use any photos or images taken or submitted for publicizing the EVENT with no compensation.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the information contained in this application. I further understand and agree that failure to abide by the agreement stated in this application can lead to immediate expulsion from the Harris County Fair and Rodeo with no reimbursement or legal recourse whatsoever.

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