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Frequently Asked Questions - as of 8/17/2022

We compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question here or if you still have questions, please reach out to us through email or through our FB site. Facebook probably gets an answer the fastest. We will keep this list updated as more questions come in!

You have Questions? Hopefully we have Answers!

Livestock General

Can gilts be shown with barrows?

Can ewes or does be shown with wethers in the Lamb and Goat Show?

What breeds of Sheep are allowed?

What breeds of Goats are allowed?

What are the classes for swine?

Do animals need to be Tagged or Validated to show in the Fair?

Why are we using the "State Fair Tags"?

Is the breeding rabbit show ARBA sanctioned?

Livestock Premiums / Freezer Sale / Add Ons

Will there be an Add-On table at the Fair?

Is there an Auction?

If my animal receives Grand or Reserve Champion, do I have to sell my animal or is the show terminal for Grand or Reserve?

Is there an option to place an animal in the Freezer Sale if I do not want to bring my animal home?

Does my livestock exhibit have to qualify for the Freezer Sale?

If I choose to place my animal in the Freezer Sale, is the sell of that animal guaranteed?

If my exhibit receives a premium award, can I still place my animal in the freezer sale?

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